Car Care for Veterans: Maintenance Tips and Resources

October 31st, 2023 by

Car maintenance is a crucial aspect of vehicle ownership, and it’s especially important for veterans who rely on their vehicles for daily transportation. Proper car maintenance helps ensure your vehicle’s longevity, safety, and efficiency. With Veteran’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d share some helpful maintenance tips and resources that our San Antonio veterans can benefit from as they transition to civilian life.

Why Car Maintenance Matters

Car maintenance is essential for veterans because it ensures safety, reliability, and longevity while saving you money and reducing your environmental impact. Neglecting maintenance can lead to a host of problems, including costly repairs, accidents, and diminished vehicle value. Prioritizing car maintenance is an investment in your safety, peace of mind, and the overall well-being of your vehicle.

Car Maintenance Tips

Regular Maintenance Schedule: Establish a routine maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Regular oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid checks are essential to keep your car in good condition.

DIY Maintenance: If you’re comfortable with basic maintenance tasks, consider handling them yourself. You can change the oil, replace air filters, and perform other simple tasks to save on maintenance costs.

Dealership and Mechanic Partnerships: Like all Cavender Auto Group dealerships, jere st Cavender Buick GMC West, we offer many military discounts through our Cavender Commitment initiatives. This includes discounts on maintenance services and repairs, as well as free oil changes for life.

Manufacturer Resources: Check if the vehicle manufacturer offers any resources or discounts for veterans. Some car manufacturers provide special programs or benefits to military personnel and veterans.

Financial Assistance: Explore financial assistance programs for veterans that may help cover vehicle maintenance costs. Some organizations provide grants or support to assist with car repairs and upkeep.

VA Benefits: If you have service-connected disabilities, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) may offer benefits related to vehicle modifications and adaptive equipment.

Community Support: Connect with local veterans’ organizations or support groups. They may offer guidance, resources, or even volunteer assistance for car maintenance.

Vehicle Modifications: If you have specific mobility or accessibility needs, consider vehicle modifications. Some organizations specialize in adapting vehicles for veterans with disabilities.

DIY Workshops: Some organizations and automotive schools offer DIY workshops where veterans can learn basic car maintenance and repair skills.

Emergency Preparedness: Always be prepared for unexpected car issues. Keep a basic emergency kit in your vehicle, including tools, first aid supplies, and contact information for roadside assistance.

Proper Documentation: Maintain records of all your vehicle’s maintenance and repair history. This documentation can be helpful for warranties, reselling the vehicle, or addressing issues under recalls.

Vehicle Safety Checks: Regularly inspect your vehicle’s safety features, such as brakes, lights, and tires. Ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.

Seasonal Maintenance: Adjust your maintenance routine to account for seasonal changes. Check your vehicle’s readiness for harsh winters or hot Texas summers, depending on your location.

Tire Care: Proper tire maintenance is crucial for safety and fuel efficiency. Check tire pressure and tread depth, and consider rotating tires as recommended in your vehicle’s manual.

Stay Informed: Keep up to date with the latest automotive technologies and safety features. Knowledge about your vehicle will help you make informed decisions about maintenance and repairs.

Cavender Says, “Thank You”

Consistent and proper vehicle maintenance helps your vehicle last longer and run more efficiently, not to mention helping preserve your vehicle’s performance, trade-in or resale value, and overall reliability. If you’re a veteran in need of vehicle maintenance services, the service center at Cavender Buick GMC West can help!

At Cavender Buick GMC West, we believe that businesses can make a difference in the lives of those who serve; this is our Cavender Commitment. We’re proud to honor all active military service members, veterans, as well as their families and caregivers – not just on Veteran’s Day, but every day! If you’re a member of the military, a deployed soldier, a wounded warrior or a veteran of previous conflicts, we thank you for your service and welcome you into our community!

Contact us for more information about our military discounts, our quarterly Cavender Car Giveaway, or our Cavender Commitment initiative.  If you’d like to learn more about how you can get involved with veteran support in San Antonio, TX, we’d also be happy to provide helpful resources.

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