Top 5 Must-See Scenic Drives Near San Antonio to Experience with Your Buick or GMC

September 19th, 2023 by

Despite being the seventh-largest city in the United States, San Antonio offers a wealth of scenic drives just a short distance away. From the rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country to the picturesque shorelines of nearby lakes, the options are abundant for exploring breathtaking landscapes. Whether you own a Buick or GMC vehicle or are considering purchasing one from Cavender Buick-GMC West, these top five scenic drives near San Antonio showcase the beauty and adventure that awaits you and your family.

Allow us to guide you through these stunning scenic drives and demonstrate how your Buick or GMC vehicle from Cavender Buick-GMC West is the perfect companion for discovering the diverse beauty of the San Antonio area and beyond.

Exploring the Texas Hill Country in Your Buick or GMC

For those seeking a scenic drive that showcases the beauty and charm of the Lone Star State, the Texas Hill Country offers endless possibilities. Begin your drive through the region in your Buick or GMC and discover winding country roads, quaint historic towns, and picture-postcard views of the rolling, green hills. Here are a few must-see stops along your journey through the Texas Hill Country:

  • Fredericksburg: A charming German town known for its vibrant Main Street, historical attractions, and wineries, Fredericksburg is an excellent starting point or final destination for your Hill Country excursion.
  • Luckenbach: For a taste of authentic Texas culture, stop by this tiny hamlet known for its friendly atmosphere, live music, and dance hall. 
  • Wimberley: Nestled in the heart of the Hill Country, Wimberley offers a picturesque escape with its vibrant arts community, swimming holes, and scenic views.

Tranquil Moments Along the Medina River

Take a peaceful drive through the Medina River Natural Area, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by tall cypress and majestic oak trees, inviting you to relax and take in the serene ambiance. As you wind along the scenic route, enjoy the following attractions:

  • Medina River Greenway: Stretching 7 miles through the Natural Area, this greenway offers the perfect spot to walk, jog, or bike while enjoying the beauty of the river.
  • The Land Bridge: A rare ecological feature, the Land Bridge is a unique destination where you can walk along the limestone ledge that spans the river, offering a captivating view of the Medina below.
  • Picnic Opportunities: With several picnic spots along the riverbank, take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a meal in this serene setting, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Medina River.

A Leisurely Drive to Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake, known as the “Jewel of the Texas Hill Country,” is a popular destination for those seeking water-based recreational activities. The scenic drive to Canyon Lake offers vast open landscapes, rolling hills, and captivating views of the lake. Here are a few stops worth making during your journey to Canyon Lake:

  • Overlook Park: Located on the south side of Canyon Lake, Overlook Park offers visitors a stunning vantage point to take in the beauty of the lake and its surroundings.
  • Canyon Lake Gorge: A unique geological formation, Canyon Lake Gorge offers guided tours that showcase breathtaking limestone formations, fossils, and waterfalls.
  • Canyon Park Beach: For those wishing to enjoy the serene waters of Canyon Lake, Canyon Park Beach offers a relaxing spot to swim or relax on the sandy shoreline.

A Scenic Adventure Along the Guadalupe River

  • The River Road, which follows the winding path of the Guadalupe River, provides drivers with an unparalleled scenic experience. With your Buick or GMC as your companion, explore the following attractions along this picturesque route:
  • Historic Gruene: Step back in time with a visit to Gruene, a historic town featuring preserved and restored buildings, boutiques, and eateries, and the famous Gruene Hall, the oldest dance hall in Texas.
  • Guadalupe River State Park: Spend a day exploring the beautiful Guadalupe River State Park, where you can swim, fish, hike, or picnic with your family amidst the stunning river scenery.
  • Cypress Bend Park: Another great spot for picnicking or enjoying water activities along the scenic Guadalupe River, Cypress Bend Park offers the perfect setting to relax and unwind.

Browse Adventure-Ready Vehicles With Cavender

San Antonio and its surrounding areas are home to some of the most stunning and enjoyable scenic drives in Texas. Whether exploring the rolling hills and quaint towns of the Texas Hill Country, winding along the tranquil Medina River, enjoying the serene waters of Canyon Lake, or taking in the picturesque vistas of the Guadalupe River, your Buick or GMC vehicle from Cavender Buick-GMC West is the ideal companion for these adventures.

So why wait? Fill up the tank, gather your loved ones, and embark on a memorable journey through the breathtaking landscapes that await you just a stone’s throw from San Antonio. And when it’s time for service or maintenance, rest assured that the team at Cavender Buick-GMC West will be ready to help ensure your vehicle stays running smoothly for all your future road trips. Visit our car dealership in West San Antonio now to prepare for this adventure.

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